Working with Nexterior

Si necesita ayuda en español, llame a Elizabeth al 410-766-1506 extensión 2.
If you need help in English or have other comments about this process, email William at

How do we get started?

Get PDFs of your Certificate of Insurance and W-9.
Here’s a blank W-9 that you can fill out on your phone or computer.
Consider finding some photos of your favorite work. Read through this once over before starting:
  1. Complete this form and give us some contact information and tell us about yourself and what you do.
  2. Please review and sign this subcontractor agreement. The site will ask you for an email address and you'll need to check your inbox afterwards for a link to sign the document online.
  1. If you do not have worker's comp because you're the sole proprietor of your own business (you work solo), please complete this form too.
(if you're completing this form, then you should probably choose the second option - that you're not a covered employee)
  1. Email your COI, W-9, and some photos of your work to
  2. We'll reply back to confirm we've received everything, and reach back out once we've double-checked everything.
  3. We’ll let our salesmen know you’re available. When one of them has work to bid on, they’ll reach out to you. Until then, keep doing your thing.
  4. If everything works out and we get the work, we'll set you up in our service scheduling software. You don't have to learn much to use it, but it'll give you the job location and tell you the job number that you'll need to write on your invoices.

Who we are

Nexterior Contracting, LLC is a licensed and insured contractor in business since 2012.
We maintain relationships with property managers, real estate agents, and residential customers.
We sell blacktop to rooftop. Concrete, asphalt, roof repairs, leak investigations, painting, and general handyman services. If you're good at any of those, keep reading.

Who you are

You're skilled in a trade or you're a qualified handyman.
You're proud of your work.
You've got transportation and your own favorite tools that you take care of.
You know your T-shirt and hoodie size.
You're licensed and insured.
You've got a good way to invoice for your work.
If you need help with this one, let us know and we might be able to help you out.